Payne Hay and Straw Farm in Culpeper, VA

Nearly four decades ago, Dewayne Payne, Sr. began Payne Hay and Straw because he was passionate about making high-quality hay. Continuing to play an active role on the farm, Dewayne Payne, Sr. is joined by his son, Dewayne Payne, Jr. who has worked on the family farm since he was a young boy.

In the beautiful rolling hills of Northern Virginia just south of the District of Columbia you will find the picturesque Payne family farm. Fields of Alfalfa, Timothy, and Orchardgrass paint the landscape from April to December as this father and son team work meticulously to harvest the finest hay in the region.

In early 2000, the Payne family purchased a neighboring dairy farm, Brandy Farm. They now use this land to store a majority of the hay that they harvest. They have retrofitted barns that once housed dairy cows into hay storage.

The farm neighbors Brandy Station where the largest cavalry battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Brandy Station, took place. The Payne family has found Civil War relics on the property such as musket bullets, bullet shells, and even old horseshoes.