Local Straw

We offer bedding and erosion control straw.

Protect the environment and your work with erosion and sediment control products. From rock logs and straw wattles to a full line of erosion control blankets, our erosion straw is an ideal solution for rainfall/rain splash protection on shallow slopes and channel protection for low-risk, low-flow channels.


  • Weed-free straw
  • Erosion control up to one year
  • Serves as a mulching layer

Ryegrass Straw

Baled following seed harvest, this high fiber, economically priced roughage is used as livestock feed. Ryegrass Straw, most popular with export beef industry users, is also gaining in popularity with dairy farmers.

Fescue Grass Straw

Fescue Grass Straw is also popular with dairy farmers in the export market and is successfully fed in the beef market. It has a coarser, longer stem compared to Rye. It is also considered a very good, economically priced roughage.

Orchardgrass Straw

Like Rye and Fescue, Orchardgrass Straw is another very good roughage or filler. It has a coarser stem and is a popular source of fiber in the export market.

Bluegrass Straw

Bluegrass Straw is a high-quality grass straw. It has the highest feed value of all grass straws and is popular in both domestic and export markets for dairy and beef cows.